Writing a caesarean birth plan

Do you have any requests as far as double vs. The best-laid plans don't always go, well, according to plan. If an epidural has not been placed prior to labor then often a spinal is given in the OR, and generally the partner is NOT present for this procedure.

Many moms do not meet with the anesthesiologist until shortly before the birth, so if you have concerns ask if you can speak with someone the night prior of a scheduled cesarean.

Is a mirror available for you to see? A cesarean is a birthand needs to be treated as one — this includes the creation of a birth plan.

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Be Flexible A birth plan is not a guarantee. Hopefully these questions will help you in formulating the best birth plan for you!

I ask that the surgery be performed slowly and if possible allow the cord to continue pulsing after the birth so Baby may start breathing on her own while still attached to the placenta Please allow for skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery and evaluate Baby on my chest, If this is not possible — then father would like skin-to-skin contact Keep cord long for daddy to cut while baby is in my arms No Eye Gel, No Hep.

Most hospitals in my area have a policy of one or two support people in the OR, though I've heard of more and some restrict it to just the baby's parents.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or comments. For a recent birth I attended we just plugged in the iPod, but some doctors prefer there to not be music. Are there any medications that may impact your ability to stay alert and nurse immediately after the birth sedatives, etc and would you like to decline those?

Here's what to include in yours. Who would you like to have with you for your baby's arrival? But have you given any thought to how you want your labor and delivery experience to go? Hospital Bag Must-Haves Just so you know, What to Expect may earn commissions from the shopping links included on this page.

If you're wondering what you should include in your personalized plan, use the following four areas as a guide: We would appreciate you reviewing this plan, and would be happy to do so with you.

Who will cut the cord? What would you like photos of and who will take them? If you are in the position of needing a cesarean, please know that you can still make choices in your birth and have the birth you desire.

Some anesthesiologists are not comfortable with the screen being moved at all but other locations are incorporating more family-centered approaches and offering to lower the screen and even do immediate skin-to-skin in the OR.

Will the baby be bathed in the room or nursery, by staff or by your partner or another family member? What does this have to do with pregnancy, you wonder? May you speak with the anesthesiologist in advance a call the night before?

How soon after the birth can you eat and drink? If the labor you envision is within the realms of safe procedures and little added hassle for the hospital staff, you should let your wishes be known by creating a birth plan.

Would you like each person in the room to introduce themselves to you and explain their role? Does your doctor use staples or sutures for your external closure? We would like to keep Baby with us at all times. I would like to see and touch the placenta and cord Recovery Once back in our room to recover and been checked as stable, we would like to be alone with Baby to nurse.

Vitamin K, eye ointment, Hep B vaccine? Having a discussion about how you envision your birth can sometimes reveal surprising differences. Do you want the gender announced by the doctor or your partner?

I would like to give birth: Are your arms be left free to touch your baby? Previously moms sometimes had their arms restrained, but I've not seen this done and most hospitals seem to have moved away from the practice.

Your partner, a family member, doula, a photographer?

Planning for a Safe and Healthy Birth

Who will cut the cord? Sometimes, due to the fast and surgical nature of a cesarean, many doctors and hospitals forget to include the family, and especially the mother, in the birth.

A Family-Centered Cesarean Birth Plan

Do you have any questions about how this is done? Will baby be offered a pacifier, formula, or will baby nurse exclusively?Planning for a Safe and Healthy Birth. Writing a simple, informed and succinct birth plan helps ensure your wishes are known and respected by your entire birth team. You can describe your wishes for labor, birth, emergency situations and post-birth care clearly and concisely.

Writing a family-centered cesarean birth plan May 01, Family-centered cesarean is an emerging trend in cesarean birth, which sometimes goes by the names “gentle cesarean” or “natural cesarean.”.

There's a lot to consider when writing a birth plan.

Writing A Cesarean Birth Plan

The Bump birth plan tool breaks down all the key questions to help get you started. If a C-section is necessary, I would like: [ ] A second opinion [ ] To make sure all other options have been exhausted [ ]To stay conscious.

Writing a birth plan can help you feel in control of your birth. By writing out such a plan, you become more informed about your birth. And in designing your birth plan, you become engaged in the birth experience and can feel more empowered.

Wonderful. I had a home birth this year, but we did write out an emergency transfer plan and C section plan similar to this one. Sections need not be trauma, they can be beautiful and wildly successful births. Writing a caesarean birth plan Share You may already know that you're going to have a caesarean, or that it's a possibility, for example, if your baby is breech.

Writing a caesarean birth plan
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